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environmental educationCochran Mill Nature Center's environmental education programs are designed to enhance classroom curriculum through hands-on discovery and exploration of the natural world. We are pleased to offer your school or home school group programs that are nature and wildlife-based to promote awareness and appreciation of the environment.

Reservations are required for school groups, so call early! Programs can be scheduled Monday through Friday and we will work with you to accommodate your travel and school schedule. Programs are led by a trained naturalist and run approximately 90 minutes. Choose from a variety of topics that feature wildlife education, nature hikes, ecology, environmental games and more!

Fees: ($90 minimum to make a reservation)

$7.00 per student/adult/siblings over 2 years of age.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants are free.

Note: A $90.00 non-refundable deposit is required to make a reservation. Deposits are due within 30 days of making a program reservation with our staff or online. Multiple reserved dates will require multiple deposits. If this deposit is not received, your requested program will be cancelled.  

Planning your field trip:

To make a reservation, call the Environmental Education Coordinator at (770) 306-0914, Monday through Friday between 9:00am - 5:00pm for assistance.

Have the following information available...

  • Preferred program date and 2 alternate dates
  • Approximate number of students & adults
  • Three preferred program topics


or request a field trip online at your convenience! Click here to fill out the form.

Programs for special topics can be arranged with advance notice. Be sure to book these early to allow time to develop a quality program for your group. Call 770-306-0914 to discuss details.

Environmental Education Program Topics:
Meet native and exotic reptiles up close and learn about their unique characteristics and habitats. Students will have the opportunity to touch live reptiles - also our most requested program! 
Birds of Prey:
Discover the habitats and adaptations of these special birds. Learn what makes them different from song birds and meet a Barn Owl up close!
Backyard Habitat:
Find out what animals need to live and what you can do to help wildlife. Play a learning game or make a pinecone bird feeder.
Insects & Arthropods:
Learn about insects, arachnids, and other creepy crawlers and meet some up close. This program has the best bug hunt results in Spring, Summer and Fall.
This program introduces students to these unique and wonderful flying mammals by comparing and contrasting their physical differences. You will have the rare opportunity to see the resident Egyptian fruit bats on exhibit.
Water Cycles:
By acting out the path of a water molecule through the environment students will learn that there is more to a water cycle than meets the eye.
Rocks and Minerals:
What is the difference between a rock and a mineral?  Why are they important? Learn the answers to these questions and all about different kinds of rocks and minerals, how they formed and how to identify them. Weather and time permitting, hike out to a granite rock outcropping. 
Pollution Solutions:
Polluted? Not my water!  This hands-on demonstration gives students an overview of where their water comes from, introduces the principles of watersheds and how we contribute to water pollution. 
Granite Rock Outcroppings:
Granite is one unique rock! Get the rare opportunity to see and stand on a real granite outcropping formed by magma thousands of years ago.  Visit this unique habitat to learn about what it is made of and the special plants and animals that call this rock their home.
Pond Ecology:
Discover the many inhabitants of a pond community and feed the fish that live there!
Forest Ecology Hike:
Learn to identify native trees and plants in this area. This program will include a hike to a local granite rock outcropping for some exploration time.
Ecosystems in Action with Web of Life:
How is a Web of Life more accurate than a Food Chain? Are they connected? Use learning games to “act out” ecosystem processes such as predator/prey relationships and what happens when humans intervene. 

Click here for detailed program topics


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