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Camp Cricket - Summer Day Camp

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Camp Cricket

All campers will participate in hiking, canoeing, fishing activities and have the opportunity to meet wildlife up close.

Activities and crafts will vary with each session as the topic changes. Campers enrolled in multiple sessions will have a new and exciting experience each week of the summer! See the calendar below to choose your sessions!


Camp Cricket 2017 Details

2017 Camp Sessions 
  • June 5-9 Who Lives in the Water?
  • June 19-23 What’s in the Woods?
  • June 26-30 Fossils & Rocks SOLD OUT
  • July 5-7 Animal Olympics   (3-Day Session)  
  • July 10-14 Turtles, Turtles, Turtles!
  • July 17-21 Can you see me now?
  • July 24-28 Nocturnal Animals
Program Time 
Monday through Friday, 9:00am-1:00pm
Camp Aftercare
Monday through Friday 1pm-3pm or 1:00pm-5:00pm
  • $10 daily from 1pm-3pm 
  • $45 (5day week) from1pm-3pm
  • $20 daily 1pm-5pm
  • $75 (5day week) from 1pm-5pm
Rising Kindergarten- 1st Grade (Sorry, no age exceptions)
  • $120 for Non-Members/$105 for Members (Discount not valid on Individual Membership Level)
  • For 3-Day Week July 5-7 : $75 for Non-Members/$65 for Members (Discount not valid on Individual Membership Level)
What's included 
20 hours (12 hours for 3 day week) of instructor-led programming, take home crafts, unique animal encounters, loads of summer fun, and a 2017 CMNC camp T-shirt!

Type "EARLYBIRD" in the Promo Spot when registering for a discount.

Dates & Themes

Who Lives In The Water June 5-9

Some water is fresh water. Some water is salty. There are many animals and plants that live in water and some that feed on things that live in the water. Come explore all this and more as we investigate “what’s in the water” around us. And on June 8th, we will celebrate World Ocean’s Day with thousands of others from all around the world.

What’s In The Woods June 19-23

What are those bugs crawling around that dead tree log?  Whose eyes are staring back at you from under that rock? Don’t touch that plant! When campers start to hear the sounds of animals, they start to wonder what kind of animals they are hearing. Are their imaginations getting the best of them? This week we will learn all about those plants and animals “in the woods.”

Fossils and Rocks June 26-30 - SOLD OUT

Do you know how rocks are made? Do you know the kind of rocks in your backyard? This week we will explore ancient plants and animal fossils as Geologist and Paleontologists and dig up some fun. By the end of the week, the campers will have their own special collection to carry home.

Animal Olympics July 5-7 (3 Days)

Who can jump the furthest? Run the fastest? Lift the most? Come explore which animals are record setters and compare ourselves to them. Then we will cheer each other on as we compete in our own Olympic games.

Turtles, Turtles, Turtles! July 10-14

Come explore turtles that live in the water, and turtles that live on the land. Some turtles live in the salty ocean and some turtles live in the fresh lake. Some turtles are very, very small, and some turtles are the size of a small car. It’s all about scaly fun this week as we meet Georgia’s state reptile--the gopher tortoise.  You might even dress up as a turtle.   

Can You See Me Now? July 17-21

Can you see it? Some of the coolest animals use camouflage to hide in plain sight and disappear into their surroundings. Thanks to the wonders of nature, animals can blend into their surroundings to avoid predators --even when the predator is right in front of them. While others are just the opposite and show their bright colors that warn—STAY AWAY. This week we will investigate all the animals that play “hide and seek”.

Nocturnal Animals July 24-28

There’s a party going on after we go to bed. This week we will explore all the animals that wake up when we go to bed. What do they hunt? How do they see in the dark? What tricks do they use to catch their food? Do they eat other nocturnal animals or do they eat sleeping ones too? And what’s the opposite of Nocturnal anyway? All these and more will be explored as we meet the “creatures of the night.”  


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 Cancellation / Refund Policy

All cancellations, refunds or changes must be requested at least 2 weeks before the first day of each session for which you have registered. No refunds will be given less than 2 weeks prior to the first day of the session. Please note that there will be a $10.00 processing fee for all credit card refunds.  


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